EcoForestry Education & Research Centre


An Ecological Approach to Forest Management

and Community  Planning



Ecoforestry practices will be demonstrated and mastered by students onsite.


Ecoforestry principles will be taught by experienced ecoforest professionals.


Research will be conducted by teachers and students and advance ecoforestry best practices.

A Progressive Education Centre

 The importance of the proposed education centre cannot be overstated. Nowhere in Canada is there an official school that educates those seeking to work in the forests in a truly sustainable way. The massive corporations that control so much of our forest resources and economy through a profit-driven approach of industrial logging, must come to an end. The ecoforestry approach is symbolic of many changes needed by society to preserve the future of the planet.

A standing forest protected by ecoforestry covenants does more than simply produce lumber. It saves plant and animal habitat, protects against the loss of top soil through erosion, filters and cleanses ground water, protects salmon streams and rivers, generates oxygen through carbon sequestration, creates local jobs in felling, milling and secondary manufacturing, such as doors, windows and other wood products, creates recreation and tourism opportunities and it returns stewardship to municipalities, supplying long-standing jobs back into those communities. 

Our Plan

The plan is to locate an educational resource centre on 500 acres south of Shawnigan Lake and north of Victoria, conveniently close to major population centres.

The Centre will work closely with universities  colleges and high schools to train foresters by delivering accredited courses toward forestry degrees. It will act as a staging area for field trips and scientific research. It will assist in finding job opportunities for those entering this exciting new field. And very importantly, the Centre will act as a focal point for scientists, advocates and supporters of ecoforestry and new forms of forest renewal.

Those involved in creating this exciting new educational resource are already exploring with local First Nations to develop and teach unique training programs that would combine traditional Indigenous knowledge, steeped in thousands of years of experience, together with western science. 

Founding Advisors 

The critical importance of the Center has been recognized by many prominent scientists, foresters and politicians. The following distinguished individuals support the establishment of the Centre and are committed to ensuring its success. Together with other like-minded leading lights, they represent lifetimes of scientific research, passion and heartfelt devotion in the service of achievable avenues toward sustainability.

Dr. Nancy Turner

Dr. Nancy Turner

Renowned ethnobotanist who works closely with Indigenous Peoples.

Herb Hammond

Herb Hammond

Leader in the science of ecoforestry & professional Forester/Ecologist.

Andy MacKinnon

Andy MacKinnon

Botanist & Ecoforester, politician and best-selling co-author of six books.

Dr. Bruce Fraser

Dr. Bruce Fraser

Ecologist, Past president, Selkirk College. Former chair, BC Forest Practices Board.