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Would you like to have a Speaker or Consultant from the Trust for Sustainable Forestry come speak to your group, NGO or local jurisdiction about the benefits, and potential pitfalls of creating an eco-forestry conservation community?

We have experienced professionals who can lead you through the complex maze of acquiring, rezoning, developing and marketing a conservation community in your local neighbourhood.

We can let you know what makes this form of development and planning unique, and appropriate for your forested settings. We can provide expert advice on the best practices involved in creating conservation communities. Our presentations and workshops include examples from other conservation communities and the lived experience of community members.

Our Professionals

SUMMARY BLURB of the experience offered by speakers and consultants

Testimonial of people who have worked with

or benefited from the work of The Trust for Sustainable Foresry.


Learn Best Practices

Defer design

until after the ecological assessment with participation by First Nations & locals.

Identify & conserve

the highest conservation-value regions.


size, footprint and ecological disturb-ances of site servicing and infrastructure.


accessibility, sense of community, aesthetic delight and pedestrian orientation.


affordability with  sustainable revenue streams to finance the conservation.


Food & Garden

Sustainable agriculture


Health & Wellness

Ecotourism, education


Foraging, mycelium & artisanal activities


Single stem falling & value-added goods

Define Key Principles

Develop and implement key principles to create successful conservation communities.

Generate Ecosystem Plan

Eco-system based forest management  plan and corresponding covenants for conservation and/or selective eco-forestry.

Strategize & Market

Identify your key audience demographics,  marketing strategy and plan.

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